Public safety and well-being is a shared responsibility. See what City Council is doing to make Edmonton safer and how you can help.
Alongside City Administration, Council works with community partners to achieve our community safety goals. We are working to address the safety concerns and complex social issues impacting our core neighbourhoods and transit system. It is important to respond to both the immediate effects and the underlying root causes of these issues.

That is why Edmonton City Council has made investments in both increased enforcement and long-term prevention.
Affordable Housing
Units Funded
Downtown Vibrancy
Grant projects funded
Visits to the
Hygiene Hub
(Since Dec 2022)
$494 M
Edmonton Police
Expenditure Budget

Areas of Action


Immediate Actions
The City of Edmonton and City Council have been responding to the immediate safety needs of Edmontonians, as well as the symptoms of crime and disorder. We have provided increased enforcement, cleaning, and funding for temporary emergency shelters as well as many other short-term solutions.
Increased support for the Edmonton Police Service
Implementing the Transit Safety Plan
Responding to problem properties
Supporting Downtown and Chinatown vibrancy and recovery
Increased access to public washrooms
Funded opioid poisoning prevention and response
Increased houselessness prevention and response
Supporting Edmontonians in addressing safety concerns
Addressing and preventing gender-based violence


Long-term prevention and addressing systemic issues
City Council and Administration are committed to addressing safety and well-being issues with immediate action. But we also acknowledge that we have a responsibility to tackle the root causes of poverty, houselessness, mental health, and trauma in our community.
$126.7 M

For affordable housing

Funded from 2023-2026


New or enhanced
CSWB initiatives

As of Aug 2023

$4.8 M

Anti-Racism Grants

Funded from 2023-2026

Increasing affordable housing supply
Implementing the Community Safety and Well-being Strategy (CSWB)
Anti-racism and Reconciliation
Edmonton’s strategy for community mental health

Dive deeper into the data with our online dashboards:

Explore the new Community Safety and Well-being Dashboard
View the Edmonton
Homelessness Dashboard
How You Can Help:
As a concerned citizen, here is how you can amplify Edmonton's needs and join City Council in advocating for our city.
City Council works with other orders of government and organizations to advocate for Edmonton’s needs. Part of our job is to meet with elected officials to discuss collaboration opportunities and provide input into provincial and federal policies that affect our city.

Support our advocacy efforts by contacting your elected representatives and organizations to voice your views. See all our advocacy letters here.
Federal Government: Opportunities for Collaboration
Provincial Government: Opportunities for Collaboration
Recent examples of successful advocacy
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